The Web Development Process!

his daunting task of creating your virtual office place cannot be performed by us alone, cooperation from you is needed through out the process of development. So a development process has been formulated keeping in mind the importance of time for you. So we require valuable and just optimum intervention from your side. A straight forward full design and development package usually comprises five stages.

 Stage One - Identification

We talk with you, making sure we understand exactly what personality you wish your site to exude. If you have strong ideas we will listen. And if you have a vague concept in your mind we will bring direction using experience of our highly qualified staff.

 Stage Two - Visualization

We produce a mock up image and listen to your opinions, altering our idea until you are convinced that we have the right structure and layout.

 Stage Three - Development

We work on the full design and programming. You are able to view the site at all times during development

 Stage Four - Evaluation

At the end of our estimated completion period we seek your opinions about the new design and it is meticulously scanned for errors. We take into account your thoughts and suggestions until you are pleased with the final product.

 Stage Five - Completion

The site is handed over to you and uploaded on your server, thereby making you and not your developers master of your endeavor in the virtual world.

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