Website Maintenance

It is very important to maintain a website. A well maintained website reaps a number of benefits to a business owner. So, if you have a website, it's crucial that you maintain it. Outsource your website maintenance services to us while you and your staffs focus on your business. We are in this business for many years and know how to get the job done.

Website maintenance/management

This involves maintaining all the website modules and updating those, which are important, like shopping carts for instance. It's always recommended to have an up to date shopping cart software. We also take care of fixing bugs and removing the broken links which play an important role in keeping the site running smoothly.

Daily database purging

Big sites usually have vast databases, which hold all kinds of information displayed on the site. These databases are spacious and accumulates junk from time to time like old content which no longer exists on the site, expired items and so on. All this may hamper speed, reliability and performance, which is not good for a site. ICfirm will make sure that your database stays purged of any unimportant data and stays up to date to ensure best performance and speed.

Backend updates

Your site's backend is invisible to your users but it's the most essential part of your site because this facility is used for managing and administering the entire site. It's important to modify/update the backend code as needed from time to time.

Adding pages/content to the site

This is necessary to do not just for keeping the site updated but also for the getting the best results in search engine optimization. The more recent the pages and/or content on a site, the higher the Google ranking, and more are the chances of your target audience to navigate through your website. We add, delete, modify and edit as per your needs.

How Important It Is to Keep Your Website Maintained?

It is better not to have a website than to have one that includes outdated information. Apart from informational updates, a site needs continuous security audits, upgrades to emerging/newer technologies, compatibility fixes with modern versions of different browsers, graphic enhancements, data management etc.

We understand how important it is to maintain a site. And thus our maintenance services are tailor-made for all our customers based on their needs. Our website maintenance service ranges from asmall text update for medium and small businesses to an all-inclusive package for larger enterprises, which require regular updates with 24x7 technical support. To know how we can help you with our website maintenance plan, contact us today.